Meet the GANG

The Dynamics in


Meet Leia & Celeste – Sisters from Adelaide.
Meet Dan & Leia – Married with 3 children.
Meet Matt & Celeste – Dating.

With a combined interest in good food. Eating out and good ol’ home cooking this foursome has decided to form a blog. Investing our time and love for food comes easy.

A Little bit about our interests

Introducing Leia:

a quirky, laughing, loud mouth with a fun loving outlook on life. Enjoys cooking in a French Patisserie, photography and creating new foods for family and friends. Incorporating a healthy diet for 3 kids she enjoys experimenting with vegetarian and vegan foods despite dessert being one of her biggest food LOVES.



Introducing Dan:

a happy go easy, friendly face who is prepared to eat anything in site. Always more than happy to cook a slab of meat on the BBQ and enjoy great tunes and the sunshine. While he struggles to find time to go fishing and race his model car he manages to be a hands on dad with enthusiasm to be the Mr. Fix It around the house. As long as there is good grub, he can be found!




Introducing Celeste:

a highly active member to our team who has a passion for silks (Aerial Art) and anything gymnastics/acrobatic upside down, topsy turvey, bouncy fun. She is one of the highest qualified adelaide super star barista’s with a great skill of latte art. If she cant be caught floating around upside down you will find her in all good coffee shops, enjoying her desserts and all day breakfasts.


Introducing Matt:

the king of all food porn. When it comes down to it, this boy seriously knows where to put his food and there is always room for dessert! His passion for food has introduced us all into the world of the unexpected and be willing to try anything that’s on your plate. There is never a dull moment when this clown is in town with a beer in hand.



As stated before, we are just bringing you our opinions and our views on food that we eat. We hope it helps you make a decision on where to dine next time in Adelaide.





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