Someone said Coconut – I’m so there!

It’s so exciting when you find somewhere close to home that does awesome Vietnamese food! Somewhere that isn’t going to break the weekly budget if you go out for lunch. Even if you aren’t located in the south of adelaide and are up for a beach visit down south this little place is definitely worth paying a visit! No need to pack your lunch either. At as little as 5 bucks for a Vietnamese roll, there is really no chance that I’m going to be packing lunch for the kidletts!!

located on beach road Christies Beach, has an amazing selection and pretty extensive at that! Food and drinks selection is large, but there is certainly something for everyone. I am yet to try everything, but if I told you I’m slowly getting through everything on the menu – it’s saying enough that I’ve been on a regular basis.

And if you get excited about trying new things – how’s this one for starters (above) a delightful yummy coconut coffee! YEP you read that right! It’s all about the process, and soaking the beans in coconut milk before grinding. How awesome is that?! It smooth and creamy, unusual taste is obviously a winner in my book because I like coconut. If you are one that is not so keen on coconut I’d suggest having it as an iced drink so you get past the flavour of it being a coconut slap in the face. Deff something you gotta try if going here.

A small place with an interesting simple set up has a fair few staff, considering it’s size. But everyone is very welcoming and willing to provide advice and knowledge of what’s in everything and how it’s supposed to taste.

Chicken pho featured above
Is a really nice flavour with chilli served on the side, to give it the amount of heat you desire. Although this is pretty good- not to mention the huge amount that is served to you, it’s price is pretty awesome along with it.

The Vietnamese rolls are great value alas I said before, and they are packed full of flavours. You will defiantly have a winner by choosing the chicken lemongrass bun.


And of course whats a meal with out dessert?
The coconut kitchen has bought of plenty of healthy options for you to choose from, with cherry coconut cream slice with raw treats and bliss/protein balls that any one will love.

Although with every great experience there is always that someone who has to be dissatisfied – and on one occasion I took my mother! Boy was she a hard EGG, to please…
The fried rice special with spring roll was very poor when it came to the rice. The meat was completely over cooked and the rice was not very tasty or even seasoned well. However the springrolls was the bomb.

A pleasant experience, and I have been back many times now and have been very happy with what I’ve tried.

Goodluck coconut lovers.

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