NEW to the south!! OH MY

Official opening is tomorrow! So if your free and looking for somewhere new to visit – this is IT!
Modish 5
A fabulous little cafe that’s large in size with amazing, unique, upcycled decor. It’s interior design is amazing and just has to be seen. It has certainly bought that something “quirky” with a modern twist to the southern suburbs. Located in woodcroft, in the newly refurbished and refaced woodcroft plaza – central to all your shopping needs!

And let’s face it every one should stop and enjoy a coffee! It was superb.

The staff were beautiful, and although still learning how everything works you can clearly see from a few days practice before open day it will be one of the best – if not the best cafes in the south of adelaide!

Wether your looking for something for breakfast or a nice fresh lunch you will certainly find something to quench your taste buds.
For breakfast I was lucky enough to try the blueberry pancakes! Nothing like kick starting your day with cake, I say!

Oh my I struggled through them!
But truly hit the nail on the head for a decent serve for a breakfast at a VERY reasonable price, just $12. When first arriving Infront of me I thought it looks a little on the small side of a blue berry serving. But I didn’t realize that the blueberries were actually cooked into the pancakes also.
Thankfully these were not sickly sweet pancakes that other cafes sell! I am happy to report they were so yum that the honey and icecream was enough sweetness for the plate. Delicious & I would certainly buy them again!

Onto the main dish for the day…

A scrumptious mixed plate for us to taste one of a few elements served throughout the main meals. What a selection! And everything was prepped and cooked so well. Only thing to pick on (as such) was the chorizo sausage on top of the Spanish tortilla, it was over cooked and a bit on the chewy side. The lamb kofta skewers were amazeballs, and probably my favourite thing on the whole plate. The seasoning and fresh lamb was evident. Impressed by the home made hommus dip. Not overpowered by garlic but better than supermarket versions.



There was over 15 loose teas to choose from, some regular flavours but also some unusual flavours by Scullery Made Tea – and any one who knows me or been following me on Instagram (the_middle_ingredient_leia) will know by now that I enjoy good quality green tea.

I can give a big tick to the clubhouse lane tea!

The interior design was perfect and really set this cafe above a lot of the others in the southern areas.





In summary this cafe has a positive vibe with great staff, and very good pricing! The food that was coming out was amazing and the taste is proof a good cafe has finally arrived in woodcroft!

Well done, I wish you the best of luck

have you ever been on a “Man Date” ? this is the newest date night SPOT!

If your man is NOT impressed with your choice of “Man Date” dinner dining – then you are with the wrong guy!!!

Juicy moist meat filled buns… ALWAYS a winner!

Most of the time i dont even think it matters what sort of meat is in the bun, nor does it matter of what the shape of the bun is like. But this place has it all! from hotdogs with amazing fancy fillings and burgers that will knock your socks off – or your MANS at least! where is it? i hear you saying with your tongue in cheek, slightly salivating… ok, ok, who are we kidding you are drooling!

the one, the only –


located on Peel Street in Adelaide City


This place has the music pumping, the atmosphere to match and the food with the ultimate Man Date salivation!

The chips or fries should i say were perfectly seasoned and complimented the burgers well. No longer will i order a burger while out that does not come with chippies. we all love a good bowl of chips at the worst of times, but when they dont come with a burger… that truly frustrates the heck out of me.

Dan had the 3 little pigs burger that was super impressive! so well thought out for a man who thinks bacon is a food group on its own. and mine was the chicken burger. what a banging crumb all over it, it had! superb. it was obviously drained of excess fat/drippings because there was not a droplet to be seen of oil or grease coming out of my burger. for my self it was an 8/10 for food, but it was a 10/10 for the ultimate man date by my husband.


You be the judge! and on your next “date night” where you want to take your man some where that he wont make a fuss – this is the place to visit.

Mango + Toppings = OH MY GAWD


So it is literally around the corner. Are you ready for all the yummy seasonal fruits?


Lets start topping our Mango’s to make a delish healthy snack! its super easy, and you can use anything you really love, or what ever you have in your pantry. the list is endless! when i say anything i really mean anything. You can use, nuts, seeds, grains, yoghurts, sauces as in chocolate, caramel, even passionfruit pulp!

on this occasion i have used:

1 Mango

2 teaspoons of greek yoghurt

2 teaspoons of coconut flakes

1 teaspoon of freeze dried pomegranate seeds

and a sprinkling of cinnamon

How do you eat it? i hear you ask! ~ the answer is simple… with a spoon


Such a delicious snack, no longer do you need to eat a plain ol’ mango! why not add your favourite toppings.


Paddy’s Lantern – WOW what a statement!

Paddy’s Lantern – Gilbert street Adelaide.

This little tucked away on a busy street cafe, is starting to become a fashion statement in adelaide. It’s fancy tiled bench with quirky interior design, with lots of seating inside and out has already got a strong regular following.


the food regularly changes to suit whats in season, and they use fresh accessible produce from around adelaide. The staff… WOW the staff are absolutely mind blowingly beautiful. Honest, down to earth, clearly HAPPY to be at work & obviously well looked after. I think i enjoyed the staff’s company more than my own, and wanted to go work behind the counter with them. they are here to make a statement, and that they did!

The picture above is their own take on a waffle. it was not waffle texture, but it was flavoursome. it was almost like a slice of french toast. my daughter absolutely loved it. i’m not sure it would win any awards for being visually “pretty” but it was so delicious, who cares!


Talk about perfect coffee porn photo right here!! it was beautiful, and made well. I would definitely go back for a good quality coffee.


then there was this… Although on first impressions of this dish coming out weren’t as great as first thought, it certainly tasted delicious. That potato patty was soooo yum! I think I could have eaten a whole stack of them 😊 Spinach cooked al’dente topped with a fried egg all sitting on a bed of red pepper purée. again not the prettiest of food porn that we have posted. but definitely up there with the best cafe’s in adelaide.

2 burgers – 2 restaurants – who is the winner?

So I don’t usually eat burgers when out and about… WHY? Because they are easy enough to make at home! But with the weather changing the last thing I’ve felt like when going out to eat is a 4 course meal or a roast! So I’ve taken to my own burger challenge, & on this occasion it was between 2 of the top leading most popular (at the moment) restaurants!
Sean’s Kitchen v’s Jamie’s Italian.
And boy oh boy was it a bit tough!

Look at that teeny burger! From Sean’s kitchen. It certainly is a small burger in comparison to Jamie’s Italian (featured below)

Seriously how can you compare, I hear you ask? Well I’ll just have to share with you my tastebuds and what they both tasted like!

Once arriving at Jamie’s Italian I knew exactly what I was ordering. I’d seen it, read about it on another blog and how good it was and thought “gimme gimme gimme” and when it arrived, as you can see from the picture I was amazed at how incredibly high it stood! I stared with amazement and was lickin my lips together in anticipation all ready to cut it open and see the inside. To do this though I had to squash it. Which made the burger look like a typical every day burger wrapped in paper that you’d get in a drive through window of your car. So I was then very optimistic and thought DARN it, if I wanted a double “whopper” I would have spent a lot less by doing a drive through at a fast food joint

However the meat was tasty, it was cooked well & had lots of toppings which gave it great flavour. It was pretty disappointing there wasn’t really the crispy onion rings inside it, that it stated it would have on it -written in the menu. There was 2 very extremely thin onions slices or should I say slithers with a batter of some sort on the outside, but it was so far from crispy! Utterly disappointing. There was not a whole lot of the salsa either, so it was a burger that was lacking in the all over judging for flavour. It was also served with no side of chips/fries. At $20 I was pretty shocked! Not even a side of aioli or extra salsa.
(Chips in picture below were purchased as a side) but here is the inside of the burger.


When it came to the Sean’s Kitchen Burger, it came with a side of duck fat fries! Yay – a side, no extra cost! Although the burger looked a LOT smaller than the Jamie’s Italian Burger. This burger didn’t have any where near as much as the Jamie’s burger… However the taste was hands down faultless! That sauce! Oh my gawd! I was still day dreaming about it for the next 3 days! I did think the meat it’s self for a burger was a little under done, to how I would like to eat my meat on a burger. Although it was all so delicious I couldn’t fault the meat for the sake of the flavour!
Picture below of the inside of Sean’s burger

All things considered I can say with out a doubt I would go back to Sean’s Kitchen for a burger everyday given the taste!
Well done!!!!

Bounce away the food!


With all the food we eat you have to at least try and work off some of the desserts right?!

Today I visited Adelaide’s great new playground, Bounce Inc located in Richmond.

If you visit after 10am week days it’s off peak so pretty decent amount at $13 an adult for an hour session. We were really lucky and had the chance to stay for another hour on the house.

The staff were great. Really friendly. And if you get the chance to speak with Stel, she’s a great worker and really gets you involved.

Heaps of fun for every age and every ability. Please be aware though that this is an enter at your own risk facility! Be careful.

Who wants to pay taxes?!

Halloumi burger at the back and Turkey burger at the front

So I’d heard about this place from a few people and see it advertised so why not take a few mates and check it out.

The Taxpayer; located on Victoria square, it’s a central meeting place for some after work dinner and drinks. With summer coming they offer outdoor seating aswell – for the warm nights I’d recommend it.

Upon first walking in the staff were busy so we sat down at the reserved table which I presumed was ours. One of the girls came over to see to us straight away with the drinks menus – quiet extensive and reasonably priced too. We order our drinks which came out soon after which was nice and then it was down to deciding what each of us were going to eat.

So first off there was starters

Steamed dumplings of the day – prawn was on the cards for today.

Deep fried Brie with chilli jam.

All the burgers are named after famous people who decided not to pay their taxes; because seriously who likes paying them.
The two boys (Matt and Richo) both ordered the Al Capone. A beef patty with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, sticky balsamic onions, semi sundries tomatoes and pickled chilli.

Al Capone

Erin (a vego) had the Heidi Fleiss. Grilled halloumi, sautéed mushrooms, carrot, alfalfa, greens, herb mayo with sweet onion and pineapple relish. And I decided on the Willie Nelson. Slow roasted turkey, with Brie slab, greens, cranberry sauce and herb Mayo.
(Both featured in top image).

Ultimately the food was good, the staff were good and apparently the chef is blind?! Can’t guarantee that one though hahahah.
If Alex is serving you; you’ll be sure to have a laugh.

So be sure to drop in for some good food, good service and make sure you’re in good company for a great bite to eat.

A Group FAVOURITE your sure to love as much as we do!

Introducing :


located on Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

IMG_1594[1]  IMG_1596[1]

That coconut, pear & frangipani tart was probably one of the tastiest tarts i’ve had in a while, only thing to pick on because i like coconut A LOT, there wasnt enough. and those donuts – YEP you read the sign didnt you? voted #1 in adelaide by the advertiser. and they are super soft, delicious, moist … omg what more can i say, other than GO AND GET ONE!

IMG_1595[1] IMG_1593[1]

It certainly isnt all about the coffee and cake from this place, but the home made AMAZING pies! and the fresh pressed juice. There is always, i mean ALWAYS something NEW to try. which keeps it interesting, and makes us go back for more and more.

Be aware – not to be disappointed, that they do close earlier than most cafe’s. week days they are open until 4pm and on weekends only open until 2pm.

Is Jamie Olivers Italian (Adelaide) really all its cracked up to be?

The question on everybody’s lips… How good is it?

Well you be the judge. if food looks this good, does it mean it tastes even better?


Jamie’s italian Adelaide

– Burger Italiano –

chargrilled beef burger with melted fontina cheese, sweet tomato salsa, pickles, chili & crispy fried onions.

Can you handle that?? I actually moved back to fit this burger into the picture frame. Seriously an impressive stack when first coming out. However with all the hype of how brilliant Jamie’s Italian was had me slightly disappointed. Once I pushed the lettuce down and decided to cut this burger in half it was “just another burger” and a considerably over priced one at that! $19.50, with no side, not even a little side of extra tomato salsa or even a creamy mayo or aioli. I purchased a side of – posh chips which were cooked in truffle oil & topped with parmesan, came in a cup size for $7.50!

The meat in the burger was excellent quality, and the taste/combination of everything together worked. Only thing really disappointing was those crispy fried onion rings. Mine were far from crispy- they tasted fabulous, but we’re NOT crispy, and it was 2 tiny onion rings… Thinly cut, not crispy but good flavour. Hmmmm I dunno, call me picky, but from all the hype I expected more from Jamie.

IMG_1590[1] IMG_1567[1]

Tasty truffle oil, really… Can life get any better when you read those words on a menu? They certainly were delicious

and here we have a succulent Pumpkin Panzerotti, pasta filled with roasted squash, ricotta & parmesan in a pumpkin, chili & rosemary butter with smashed amaretti.


Delicious and creamy, with a very subtle chili flavour.

IMG_1591[1] IMG_1592[1]

The interior design of Jamies Italian was unusual, and not what i expected. it was very very antique old school, complete with prison bars surrounding the toilets under the dining room. It was almost creepy going to the toilet.

I was not impressed by the customer service, of that the waitress’s on the day we visited were all over the place. switching tables, and rushing us to pay the bill when we hadn’t completely finished our meal.

The coffee was VERY standard, and not great.


Try it, compare it, see what you think. I would go back, to try the share plates of food – however this is probably about it.

Eire Cafe – Our team is divided! YOU BE THE JUDGE

There has been so much talk about, whats HOT and whats NOT in Adelaide – that there is always a new find just around the corner. so … Introducing:

Eire Cafe – Springbank road, Clapham, Sa

Upon going to this cafe, the team at Eire had known we (Dan & Leia) were coming in on a particular day for breakfast. we had the kids with us also, so it seemed like we almost filled the cafe with 5 people! As soon as we sat down, we decided we needed coffee ASAP! so ordered and it literally appeared before our very eyes. It was outstanding in flavour and honestly so good I stood up and asked what beans they used because it was delicious and made well.

Our breakfast was ordered, and we were excited!

now the reason behind our team being divided…

The experience Dan & Leia had was mind blowing with flavour & textures. however remembering the cafe staff were expecting and knew we were going in on a certain day, as it was discussed a few days prior via instagram.

Celeste & Matt couldnt make this breakfast and went on a separate weekend – 2 weeks later. It was so bad, that they had to send back two meals and them be remade. the reasons why, the bacon was dripping in oil and it was so bad that it was dripping onto the plate. the coffee milk was burnt, and over cooked so tasted horrid. they offered no pressed juice or milkshakes, therefore Matt had nothing to drink because he does not drink hot drinks. the eggs were undercooked, there was a mound of avocado almost 2 times the size of the one featured above in the photo of Leia’s. there was certainly no consistency with the chili hint in the avocado or even well seasoned with Celeste’s experience.

NOW you be the JUDGE…
was Eire Cafe really good? or did they know to be outstanding on the occasion they were expecting Dan & Leia?