Spiced nectarine slice with coconut oat crumble


This is how simple the cooking is in our house! Mix together your own recipe in 10 minutes with what you have in the pantry!! The recipe is very versatile, any plain cake batter you like and add some 5 spice, ground cloves and cinnamon. Poor into a lasagne dish or if you have a long shallow cake tin (something you would cook brownies in) Peel some nectarines and slice them, press them into the batter! Crumble comes after.

But here is my exact recipe, for those who don’t feel confident with making your own batter and crumble.

1 1/2 cup brown sugar
250g butter
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
(Whip these ingredients)
2 cups plain flour
2 cups SR. flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 tsp mixed spice
(Mix all together)
1 cup of lemonade
(Yes I insist lemonade)

Poor into your baking dish.

Peel 8-10 nectarines (depending on size) slice them up. Press them in to your batter – you will get your fingers slightly sticky from the batter.

Cook on 180degree fan forced oven for approx 50minutes.

Now to make your crumble:
1 cup of rolled oats
1 cup of dedicated coconut
40g soft butter
1/4 cup brown sugar
Mix together well.

When cake is cooked, but still slightly soft on top place the crumble over the top. Bake for a further 10minutes.


Benny’s american dinner GRAND OPENING – Morphett Vale

hotdog porn!! Do you see that sausage???!!!


So this classy little american dinner had a lot of local support, and we thought it best that we drop in for a quick squizz and a bite to eat.
However it was probably not the best time to visit. It was soooooo packed, there were people busting at the seams and sitting in their cars from overflow. The wait was approximately 55minutes. An extremely long wait for something that was pretty average.

However we will return. It was awesome to see that Benny’s apologised for the long wait as they are still finding more staff, and they didn’t expect such a huge show of dinners!


The buns were pretty average, the contents and concept of this hot dog sounded better than it tasted. But that sausage!! Ohhhh myyyyy!!! Yum yum bubble gum.

It did come to our surprise that on Benny’s instagram another photo from their blackwood dinner had been posted of their famous chili fries and ours from Morphett vale looked completely different. They also tasted cold and stale. As I said before I hope it was just “cold feet” or first night “hiccups” but this photo below speaks for it’s self (I think)


I hope we can visit again with a more enticing review about Benny’s dinner.


NEW year! NEW summer dish!

I dunno about you but the further into summer us Aussies get, the harder we hunt for that FAB NEW recipe that every one is sure to love at the next gathering.
After all, living in Australia is all about the BBQ, beach life style.
So here it is the BEST delicious home made salsa to accompany some corn chips for our guests. In the summer time this is a HUGE hit!


Thin layer of cream cheese
Drizzle some sweet chilli sauce over the cream cheese
Top with diced tomatoes
Top with diced avocado
Top with diced red onion

Bon appetite

Sweet quinoa slice! Perfect healthy lunchbox food

Sorry guys it has been a while since my last recipe update!!


Life has been crazy busy, and with the lead up to Christmas life was chaotic with catch ups and food, food and more FOOD!
Here is my latest creation – and my GAWD it is way better than I expected it to be!! So I’m sure you will love it.

It’s an apple and almond, cinnamon quinoa slice! Wacko! But superb in flavour! If you’ve never made this and you like xmas fruit mince pies or custard or even raw gingerbread – you will DEFF LOVE this as much as we do.

It’s weird, but totally works!!

Recipe is:
1 1/2 cups uncooked quinoa
2 apples peeled and diced
1/2 cup sultanas
1/2 cup chopped raw almonds
1 1/4 cup milk (lactose free, soy, almond, oat milks are all fine also)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1/2 cup maple syrup
2 eggs

Mix your quinoa with the spices, spread in an oven proof dish (that has been greased with butter)
Sprinkle the sultanas and apple on top of the quinoa evenly. in a bowl – mix the eggs, milk and maple syrup together well and poor over the quinoa. Top with the chopped almonds and place in the oven for 1hr 20mins or less depending on heat of your oven (until it’s not watery any more and almost solid – but still moist) on 170 degree heat.
Serves great cold or hot and can be eaten as a ️breakfast, dessert or snack!
Dress it up or down, topped with fresh fruit and yoghurt or even served with custard. I had a cold slice on its own for breakfast and it was super filling and so tasty! Goodluck guys


There is this little place in town… that sell’s Amazing burgers – you simply must go!

when you find a cozy spot in the city that sells a pretty awesome burger, why do you need to go any where else??

The Taxpayer

honestly guys, i have now been a couple of times and the stuff here seems pretty amazeballs. the atmosphere plays a big part, but even more so now that we are into the summer months! This neat little bar is set on victoria square and i bet you didnt even know it was there?! it has a large out door seating area right out the front so you can over look the whole of victoria square. But there is also inside dining for those who want to be in that real bar like environment, and order drinks as you please.

The service here is second to none! Really top quality, especially when it comes to topping up your drinks and friendly conversation. The staff are pretty awesome at representing a neat little cafe/restaurant/pub that you are going to want to visit again and again.


a typical aussie style burger that you gotta pick up with your hands and it drips down your arm! YEPPPPP that kinda burger. IMG_2969[1]

This was the Al’ Capone burger with beef patty, smoked mozzarella, pancetta, balsamic Caramalised onions, semi sundried tomatoes with pickled chili

IMG_2967[1] IMG_2970[1]

Brie balls with chili jam! ohhhhh WOW! your gonna love these, just on their own.

If you have the chance to visit here – i highly recommend it. it is certainly one of the top spots in adelaide to visit for a burger bar experience.

Fruit Water CRAZY!

Doesn’t every one love a thirst quencher??

OH MY GAWD, if you love fruit and love being healthy then this is definitely one for you! and its sooooooooooooo simple. All you need is an empty bottle and some chopped up fruit. i love buying what ever fruit is in season, especially when its local and fresh produce – you can really taste the LOVE of home grown fruits.

So here are some of the most recent fruit combinations i have made:

IMG_3062[1] IMG_3948[1]

Strawberry and kiwi fruit – watermelon and cucumber

IMG_2919[1] IMG_2864[1]

mint and nectarine – strawberry and mint



these combos could be anything you choose, or anything you have on hand! its an easy way to flavour your water with out cordials or artificial flavourings.

you can fill them up a few times through out the day and they will continue to infuse the water. probably not as flavoursome as the first time you fill it up, but its certainly a kick of flavour you didnt have with just plain water.


The Brighton Espy – Hot or Not??

Seriously this place used to be “the hang out” about 10years ago when it had been newly refurbished and all done up with a fancy cafe and great new pub atmosphere. The bistro area was absolutely awesome complete with built in playground for the littlies as well. Sooooooooooooooo did it hold up to the expectation of 10 years ago??

The food was pretty awesome in the cafe area, but with so much on the same street offering amazing food also – i think it made the good ol’ trusty Espy a few notches below what it used to be.


This Pie with smashed peas and buttery garlic potatoes was super tasty – and such a huge serve, it was so unfortunate i couldn’t eat it all!!

the potato was probably a little bit grainy, and not silky smooth. the meat in the pie was divine, but the pastry was soggy on the bottom. Mushy peas! whats not to love… only there was sooooo much on the plate, it probably could have been a smaller serve.


Vegetarian burger
a burger that was just lacking that LOVE that everyone expects to see on the plate made for a 5/10.
The burger patty was pretty tasteless, the beetroot on the burger gave it a nice flavour, but otherwise it was just a carb over load of miss matching, not well seasoned burger. And it’s about time you guys got your selves a few new plates! The plate was marked all over from cuts into the plates and they had dark grey line work from cuts over time. Looked like 1000 meals had been eaten off that plate. chips, were crunchy and good.


a Kids MEAL!! i’m so serious when i say kids meal! this was a huge serve for a kids meal pizza. and it came with chips on top! it would have been great if this was the size kids meal for my 9 year old, but not for my 5 year old. she only ate one slice of pizza and about 4 chips, the flavour was pretty basic – i suppose thats what most kids want, but in this case it didnt really hit the spot for miss 5.

All in all, i probably wouldnt rush to go back here any time soon. it is lacking a lot of attention to detail, and the staff need a good turn around to make this place as fun and inviting as it used to be. with it now surrounded by amazing cafe’s it would be hard work to keep this place enticing, but it would be such a shame to see this place go further down hill.

Our empty plates sat on our table for over an hour while we sat and chatted after we had finished. not one staff member came to offer us any more drinks, nor did they come past and take away our dirty dishes. the staff were certainly not the typical “great waiting staff” that you would usually expect in a cafe environment.

Get your veggie FIX!

Seriously for any vegetarian seeing this will have their tongue in cheek, salivating just like I was the first time I had seen Veggie Velo – a truly amazing (almost) food truck free standing cookery! Usually located every Sunday at the Market Shed on Holland street, but on this occasion at a street party in the city!
Couldn’t help but get excited! And thought to my self my lucks changed, all hearts flashing in my eyes at the thought of being able to have a veggie velo burger for dinner?! What tha?! So I actually thought to my self “how on earth am I going to convince my husband to go vegetarian for the nights dinner date?”
But I was clearly lucky and he was happy to try, once seeing the size of the burgers coming out!


Check it out! I mean seriously, why would you go anywhere else?
When this place is around – you simply must eat there. It is so achievable to make at home and so inspiring to see them make so many awesome combinations on that small hot plate! Well done guys, and thanks for semi converting my hubby, even if it was just for the one night xxxx

Wait a minute – since when did healthy enter a cafe?

Usually cafes a full of fatty well cooked foods! You don’t know the hidden dressings or extra side of chips or extra this and that, which usually every restaurant or cafe comes with – and let’s face it, we usually just eat it because it’s there Infront of us!!

Well not this cafe! Fleurieu Pantry offers so many healthy alternatives and is full of local fresh produce that your sure to love as much as we did.

Who could say “NO” to dessert?

Raw almond meal and coconut pear tart topped with toasted almonds and pepitas. And a vegan raw peanut butter cup!

More to come on our lunch *shortly*

Someone said Coconut – I’m so there!

It’s so exciting when you find somewhere close to home that does awesome Vietnamese food! Somewhere that isn’t going to break the weekly budget if you go out for lunch. Even if you aren’t located in the south of adelaide and are up for a beach visit down south this little place is definitely worth paying a visit! No need to pack your lunch either. At as little as 5 bucks for a Vietnamese roll, there is really no chance that I’m going to be packing lunch for the kidletts!!

located on beach road Christies Beach, has an amazing selection and pretty extensive at that! Food and drinks selection is large, but there is certainly something for everyone. I am yet to try everything, but if I told you I’m slowly getting through everything on the menu – it’s saying enough that I’ve been on a regular basis.

And if you get excited about trying new things – how’s this one for starters (above) a delightful yummy coconut coffee! YEP you read that right! It’s all about the process, and soaking the beans in coconut milk before grinding. How awesome is that?! It smooth and creamy, unusual taste is obviously a winner in my book because I like coconut. If you are one that is not so keen on coconut I’d suggest having it as an iced drink so you get past the flavour of it being a coconut slap in the face. Deff something you gotta try if going here.

A small place with an interesting simple set up has a fair few staff, considering it’s size. But everyone is very welcoming and willing to provide advice and knowledge of what’s in everything and how it’s supposed to taste.

Chicken pho featured above
Is a really nice flavour with chilli served on the side, to give it the amount of heat you desire. Although this is pretty good- not to mention the huge amount that is served to you, it’s price is pretty awesome along with it.

The Vietnamese rolls are great value alas I said before, and they are packed full of flavours. You will defiantly have a winner by choosing the chicken lemongrass bun.


And of course whats a meal with out dessert?
The coconut kitchen has bought of plenty of healthy options for you to choose from, with cherry coconut cream slice with raw treats and bliss/protein balls that any one will love.

Although with every great experience there is always that someone who has to be dissatisfied – and on one occasion I took my mother! Boy was she a hard EGG, to please…
The fried rice special with spring roll was very poor when it came to the rice. The meat was completely over cooked and the rice was not very tasty or even seasoned well. However the springrolls was the bomb.

A pleasant experience, and I have been back many times now and have been very happy with what I’ve tried.

Goodluck coconut lovers.