2 burgers – 2 restaurants – who is the winner?

So I don’t usually eat burgers when out and about… WHY? Because they are easy enough to make at home! But with the weather changing the last thing I’ve felt like when going out to eat is a 4 course meal or a roast! So I’ve taken to my own burger challenge, & on this occasion it was between 2 of the top leading most popular (at the moment) restaurants!
Sean’s Kitchen v’s Jamie’s Italian.
And boy oh boy was it a bit tough!

Look at that teeny burger! From Sean’s kitchen. It certainly is a small burger in comparison to Jamie’s Italian (featured below)

Seriously how can you compare, I hear you ask? Well I’ll just have to share with you my tastebuds and what they both tasted like!

Once arriving at Jamie’s Italian I knew exactly what I was ordering. I’d seen it, read about it on another blog and how good it was and thought “gimme gimme gimme” and when it arrived, as you can see from the picture I was amazed at how incredibly high it stood! I stared with amazement and was lickin my lips together in anticipation all ready to cut it open and see the inside. To do this though I had to squash it. Which made the burger look like a typical every day burger wrapped in paper that you’d get in a drive through window of your car. So I was then very optimistic and thought DARN it, if I wanted a double “whopper” I would have spent a lot less by doing a drive through at a fast food joint

However the meat was tasty, it was cooked well & had lots of toppings which gave it great flavour. It was pretty disappointing there wasn’t really the crispy onion rings inside it, that it stated it would have on it -written in the menu. There was 2 very extremely thin onions slices or should I say slithers with a batter of some sort on the outside, but it was so far from crispy! Utterly disappointing. There was not a whole lot of the salsa either, so it was a burger that was lacking in the all over judging for flavour. It was also served with no side of chips/fries. At $20 I was pretty shocked! Not even a side of aioli or extra salsa.
(Chips in picture below were purchased as a side) but here is the inside of the burger.


When it came to the Sean’s Kitchen Burger, it came with a side of duck fat fries! Yay – a side, no extra cost! Although the burger looked a LOT smaller than the Jamie’s Italian Burger. This burger didn’t have any where near as much as the Jamie’s burger… However the taste was hands down faultless! That sauce! Oh my gawd! I was still day dreaming about it for the next 3 days! I did think the meat it’s self for a burger was a little under done, to how I would like to eat my meat on a burger. Although it was all so delicious I couldn’t fault the meat for the sake of the flavour!
Picture below of the inside of Sean’s burger

All things considered I can say with out a doubt I would go back to Sean’s Kitchen for a burger everyday given the taste!
Well done!!!!

Bounce away the food!


With all the food we eat you have to at least try and work off some of the desserts right?!

Today I visited Adelaide’s great new playground, Bounce Inc located in Richmond.

If you visit after 10am week days it’s off peak so pretty decent amount at $13 an adult for an hour session. We were really lucky and had the chance to stay for another hour on the house.

The staff were great. Really friendly. And if you get the chance to speak with Stel, she’s a great worker and really gets you involved.

Heaps of fun for every age and every ability. Please be aware though that this is an enter at your own risk facility! Be careful.

Who wants to pay taxes?!

Halloumi burger at the back and Turkey burger at the front

So I’d heard about this place from a few people and see it advertised so why not take a few mates and check it out.

The Taxpayer; located on Victoria square, it’s a central meeting place for some after work dinner and drinks. With summer coming they offer outdoor seating aswell – for the warm nights I’d recommend it.

Upon first walking in the staff were busy so we sat down at the reserved table which I presumed was ours. One of the girls came over to see to us straight away with the drinks menus – quiet extensive and reasonably priced too. We order our drinks which came out soon after which was nice and then it was down to deciding what each of us were going to eat.

So first off there was starters

Steamed dumplings of the day – prawn was on the cards for today.

Deep fried Brie with chilli jam.

All the burgers are named after famous people who decided not to pay their taxes; because seriously who likes paying them.
The two boys (Matt and Richo) both ordered the Al Capone. A beef patty with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, sticky balsamic onions, semi sundries tomatoes and pickled chilli.

Al Capone

Erin (a vego) had the Heidi Fleiss. Grilled halloumi, sautéed mushrooms, carrot, alfalfa, greens, herb mayo with sweet onion and pineapple relish. And I decided on the Willie Nelson. Slow roasted turkey, with Brie slab, greens, cranberry sauce and herb Mayo.
(Both featured in top image).

Ultimately the food was good, the staff were good and apparently the chef is blind?! Can’t guarantee that one though hahahah.
If Alex is serving you; you’ll be sure to have a laugh.

So be sure to drop in for some good food, good service and make sure you’re in good company for a great bite to eat.

1 day left to make it to the Asia Fest

good food, great company = awesome day out!

How about something different to get your taste buds fired up and drooling…
This sweet sour & spicy deliciousness, was a refreshing treat – that totally took my tastebuds by surprise! It’s pineapple pieces sprinkled with chili salt bursts of flavour in your mouth with every bite. Although some may not be able to eat more than a couple of pieces. It will certainly be a talking point over the summer parties to come!

There was plenty to see, lots of great food and a great atmosphere. Not to mention perfect weather for today also.
It wasn’t too badly priced at $10 per person to get in or $25 per family and an extra child at just $5
An affordable day out if your planning a day in the perfect weather.

Here is some delicious deep fried octopus dumpling balls – Takayuki

Wait… Some where is Open 24hrs for DESSERT?! That’s CRAYCRAY!!

Yeppppppp, you read that right!
Cafe De Vilis
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week! They never close, how awesome is that?

honey log
Mmmmmmmm… That sweet perfected bun filled with cream and honey. They certainly have mastered the art of “perfect buns” and that doesn’t end with the honey log! The Kitchener bun is also another perfected bun!


No matter what mood your in, you can literally walk in for breakfast lunch or tea. The team on board works hard and they do it with great ease. Our server was Jo and she was absolutely flippen fantastic!! So friendly!! And what a great smile she had one her face at 9pm when it was starting to get really busy.
And when there is a window full of fresh cakes, tarts, buns and slices how do you know which one to pick??
Or a big bowl of hot chips with gravy
Om nom nom! That gravy is the best around town. Salty goodness.

So good that there are fights over who finishes the gravy


Then there are some to take home for Matts 2nd dessert stomach… Hahaha

hazelnut sponge scroll

And then there is always the good ol’ trusty favourite the cinnamon donut
How gorgeous does it look? So golden…

5 years – BEST of the BEST desserts

So a little birdy told us that Eggless Dessert Cafe was celebrating their 5th birthday – and in celebration they were holding a standing ONLY night with $5 everything!

The favourite of the night
Pictured above – moroccan cheesecake, white chocolate cheese cake with rose cream, topped with pistachios, pomegranate and Persian fairy floss
Breath taking, delicious. Creamy texture with an amazing base. This combination was a huge HIT when it was first released and was voted in the top 10 desserts by the general public.

Time to party!!

So the line up was a long way into the carpark… We arrived at 7.15 for an 8 o’clock open time. The anticipation was killing us!
But when they opened their doors it was a smell of incredible things to come.

dessert nachos
Made up with these awesome crispy puffed rice crisps, topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce, toasted hazel nuts, avocado mousse and vanilla ice cream.
Every mouthful was like you were eating something new an refreshing with every bite.

vietnamese banana bread pudding drizzled with a to die for salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream


alcoholic durianmisu made with durian mascarpone cream, durian sponge cake, with toasted coconut.

As we’ve said before, if you’ve never been to Eggless Dessert Cafe – YOU SIMPLY MUST! It is just one of those places that is fun to visit because they’ve thought of the unthinkable.
Well done on reaching 5 years guys! Many more to come I’m sure XXX big love

Drop in for a quick bite

Dropped in this morning to The Deep Blue Cafe for a quick bite to eat for a sister to sister chat and this magically appeared.


Basic scrambled eggs (but seriously could be the yummiest in the south of adelaide) and bacon on ciabatta bread.

Service from the doppelgänger of Kate Cebrano is always a treat. You always feel look very welcome.


Then there was this bacon and egg BUN! So filling, and not normally something we would order or breakfast. But boy oh boy was it filling. Cooked well, on a super fresh bun.

Kate ceberano playing in the back ground made for a good morning catch up.

Chocolate Taperia – North Adelaide

Chocolate Taperia is an awesome place to take a friend or date night. Its also great for those people you know who dont like to go out for anything other than a schnitty and chips for a meal – so instead you take them out for JUST dessert. I’ve been known to take holidaying friends here and they love it! the best place they usually visit the whole time they are in adelaide. I guess after all the regular coffee shops, and cafes, and bars, restaurants and pubs people like to find that something thats a little different.

We even visited here for mothers day earlier this year. it was AMAZEBALLS! and the chef certainly well over catered the glass slabs it was all served on.

Here is a view on the MOTHERS DAY dessert spread – this was for a table of 5 adults and 3 kids

choco1 choco2

it was just divine and it was an intimate setting that had to be prebooked/paid for. So we would highly recommend taking interstate/overseas guests here and also place a booking for the next special occasion they have! it will be well worth every dollar, not to mention less hassle and stress when planning a birthday, xmas gathering or even mothers/fathers day. It is just brilliantly executed and such playfulness of food makes for a great talking point when being served these amazing dishes.

for now, i will leave you with a recent picture of the “movie night” dessert. its a mixture of flavours, and types of dessert from caramel pop corn, little sorbet/icecream, macaroon, strawberry thick shake and of course some delicious churros with cinnamon sugar.



You know your in luck when…

You know the feeling of going to another market?
You get all excited that there will be a different crowed of people, new faces, delicious new produce, great things you haven’t seen before!
Until you set your sights on…
*drum roll please*

Udder Delights Cheese

So tasty, so creamy, soft, moist, delicious, made to perfection!! And when I set my eyes on the stall, I was most excited to see a familiar product/company. So it’s not every market you enjoy seeing new products and faces, sometimes you have to stick to the good ol’ trusty ones as well.

The Locavore – Stirling

On a beautiful day where the sun is shining, the tunes are playing in the back ground, the cafe is packed you know your in for something TOPS.
The menu looked appertising and the food coming out looked very good value for money. However when you’ve already eaten lunch you succumb to dessert with a coffee!
Spanish baked cheese cake with apricot compot


And a delicious looking dessert it was!
The serving size was very reasonable, enough to say it was on the larger side. However it was missing something, it was missing a crunch, a crumble, a BASE. It desperately needed another texture to the plate. Hands down faultless in flavour with what was presented. A nice rich creamy fluffy cheese, with yumtastic apricots.

The kids enjoyed a VERY CHOCOLATE iced chocolate, that was delish!
Our coffee was strong, but was very much needed this way after dragging 3 children through the stirling market!

We will go back, for the food looked fantastic and everything had a reasonable price tag for a couple.