Benny’s american dinner GRAND OPENING – Morphett Vale

hotdog porn!! Do you see that sausage???!!!


So this classy little american dinner had a lot of local support, and we thought it best that we drop in for a quick squizz and a bite to eat.
However it was probably not the best time to visit. It was soooooo packed, there were people busting at the seams and sitting in their cars from overflow. The wait was approximately 55minutes. An extremely long wait for something that was pretty average.

However we will return. It was awesome to see that Benny’s apologised for the long wait as they are still finding more staff, and they didn’t expect such a huge show of dinners!


The buns were pretty average, the contents and concept of this hot dog sounded better than it tasted. But that sausage!! Ohhhh myyyyy!!! Yum yum bubble gum.

It did come to our surprise that on Benny’s instagram another photo from their blackwood dinner had been posted of their famous chili fries and ours from Morphett vale looked completely different. They also tasted cold and stale. As I said before I hope it was just “cold feet” or first night “hiccups” but this photo below speaks for it’s self (I think)


I hope we can visit again with a more enticing review about Benny’s dinner.


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