Get your veggie FIX!

Seriously for any vegetarian seeing this will have their tongue in cheek, salivating just like I was the first time I had seen Veggie Velo – a truly amazing (almost) food truck free standing cookery! Usually located every Sunday at the Market Shed on Holland street, but on this occasion at a street party in the city!
Couldn’t help but get excited! And thought to my self my lucks changed, all hearts flashing in my eyes at the thought of being able to have a veggie velo burger for dinner?! What tha?! So I actually thought to my self “how on earth am I going to convince my husband to go vegetarian for the nights dinner date?”
But I was clearly lucky and he was happy to try, once seeing the size of the burgers coming out!


Check it out! I mean seriously, why would you go anywhere else?
When this place is around – you simply must eat there. It is so achievable to make at home and so inspiring to see them make so many awesome combinations on that small hot plate! Well done guys, and thanks for semi converting my hubby, even if it was just for the one night xxxx

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