NEW to the south!! OH MY

Official opening is tomorrow! So if your free and looking for somewhere new to visit – this is IT!
Modish 5
A fabulous little cafe that’s large in size with amazing, unique, upcycled decor. It’s interior design is amazing and just has to be seen. It has certainly bought that something “quirky” with a modern twist to the southern suburbs. Located in woodcroft, in the newly refurbished and refaced woodcroft plaza – central to all your shopping needs!

And let’s face it every one should stop and enjoy a coffee! It was superb.

The staff were beautiful, and although still learning how everything works you can clearly see from a few days practice before open day it will be one of the best – if not the best cafes in the south of adelaide!

Wether your looking for something for breakfast or a nice fresh lunch you will certainly find something to quench your taste buds.
For breakfast I was lucky enough to try the blueberry pancakes! Nothing like kick starting your day with cake, I say!

Oh my I struggled through them!
But truly hit the nail on the head for a decent serve for a breakfast at a VERY reasonable price, just $12. When first arriving Infront of me I thought it looks a little on the small side of a blue berry serving. But I didn’t realize that the blueberries were actually cooked into the pancakes also.
Thankfully these were not sickly sweet pancakes that other cafes sell! I am happy to report they were so yum that the honey and icecream was enough sweetness for the plate. Delicious & I would certainly buy them again!

Onto the main dish for the day…

A scrumptious mixed plate for us to taste one of a few elements served throughout the main meals. What a selection! And everything was prepped and cooked so well. Only thing to pick on (as such) was the chorizo sausage on top of the Spanish tortilla, it was over cooked and a bit on the chewy side. The lamb kofta skewers were amazeballs, and probably my favourite thing on the whole plate. The seasoning and fresh lamb was evident. Impressed by the home made hommus dip. Not overpowered by garlic but better than supermarket versions.



There was over 15 loose teas to choose from, some regular flavours but also some unusual flavours by Scullery Made Tea – and any one who knows me or been following me on Instagram (the_middle_ingredient_leia) will know by now that I enjoy good quality green tea.

I can give a big tick to the clubhouse lane tea!

The interior design was perfect and really set this cafe above a lot of the others in the southern areas.





In summary this cafe has a positive vibe with great staff, and very good pricing! The food that was coming out was amazing and the taste is proof a good cafe has finally arrived in woodcroft!

Well done, I wish you the best of luck

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