Wait… Some where is Open 24hrs for DESSERT?! That’s CRAYCRAY!!

Yeppppppp, you read that right!
Cafe De Vilis
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week! They never close, how awesome is that?

honey log
Mmmmmmmm… That sweet perfected bun filled with cream and honey. They certainly have mastered the art of “perfect buns” and that doesn’t end with the honey log! The Kitchener bun is also another perfected bun!


No matter what mood your in, you can literally walk in for breakfast lunch or tea. The team on board works hard and they do it with great ease. Our server was Jo and she was absolutely flippen fantastic!! So friendly!! And what a great smile she had one her face at 9pm when it was starting to get really busy.
And when there is a window full of fresh cakes, tarts, buns and slices how do you know which one to pick??
Or a big bowl of hot chips with gravy
Om nom nom! That gravy is the best around town. Salty goodness.

So good that there are fights over who finishes the gravy


Then there are some to take home for Matts 2nd dessert stomach… Hahaha

hazelnut sponge scroll

And then there is always the good ol’ trusty favourite the cinnamon donut
How gorgeous does it look? So golden…

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